Dental Laboratory Products

Please find below a sample of dental laboratory products we supply

dental laboratory products

Dental Articulators

We supply several types of dental articulators from magnetic, adjustable and universal please visit our online catalogue to view

dental burs tools

Dental Burs

We also stock dental burs in the form of diamond burs and tungsten carbide burs, full selection in our online catalogue

dental boxes

Dental Boxes

We supply a full range of dental boxes for crowns, denture orthodontic, storage and mouthguard etc. view at our online catalogue

dental blanks

Mouthguard Blanks

Our mouthguard blanks come in a hugh array of styles designs and colours too many to mention here, all are in our online catalogue

dental instruments

Dental Instruments

We carry a good assortment of dental instruments including scissors, spatulas, carvers and pliers etc. find in our online catalogue

dental workbenches

Dental Workbenches

We supply heavy duty dental lab workbenches in a few different variations and colours to see the configurations visit our online catalogue

& Much, Much More...

This is only a tiny selection of what we offer in the way of dental laboratory products supplies and equipment.

Please visit our online catalogue at