Our in house manufacturing facility

Acorn Polymers (UK) Ltd manufactures a variety of products on site for the dental industry using a variety of manufacturing methods.

Since our inception, dental plastics have been our primary focus and we have now grown to provide a large range of dental plastics including mouthguard, splint and tray materials.

We also manufacture other products related to the dental industry, including a range of appliance containers and other sundries.

We always like to stress our manufacturing capabilities to our customers, as this allows the unique ability to cater to specific customer rquests and needs. It also allows us to offer extremely competitive prices. On occasion, we also get approached by customers seeking product development and have successfully developed products for the other sectors such as sports equipment and medical appliances.

We Manufacture

Mouthguard Materials

Soft plastics that disply excellent energy absorbing charcteristics.

Bleaching Tray Materials

A soft plastics with a degree of rigidity allows for excellent thermoforming characteristics with enough rigidity for the bleaching tray.


A rigid plastic for splints.

Laboratory Sundries

We manufacture a range of laboratory sundries in many colours.

Appliance Containers

We manufacture complementary products to our dental plastics, manufacturing a range of appliance containers for mouthguards, models and denture baths.

Dental Blanks Mouthguard Boxes and Containers

dental box
dental container
dental blanks
dental plastics